Exhausts/DPFs /Catalyticconverters

Original equipment

Design and manufacture of complete exhaust systems with or without exhaust gas treatment.


Upgrading of vehicles – exhaust control system Airmeex – cleaning of diesel particulate filters and silencers


Accessories, replacement parts

Our Offer

Airmeex has for over 20 years designed and manufactured exhaust solutions for a large range of vehicles from 10Kw to 2000Kw

  • Catalytic converters
  • Diesel particulate filters
  • Complete exhaust systems
  • SCR/Ad-Blue systems to reduce Nox


A full service offer

Our technical staff will accompany you through each stage of your project from concept to realisation as well
as through the life span of the equipment.

Design, studies, specific parts

An R&D team responsive to your specific needs and requirements.


Flexible capacity from prototype to series production

Engine homologation

REC132 Homologation
Certified by the Ministry of the interior & UTAC

After sales service

A team dedicated to looking after your equipment on site or in our workshops
5 year warranty extension

Here at Airmeex every employee is aware of the value of his or her knowledge and the need for their actions.
This need is the very heart of our commitment:
protecting people, conserving the environment.